25th Birthday Safari

I've safely return back to Dar es Salaam after our trip to Northern Tanzania. We flew out of Dar on Friday, June 23rd and made it back last night. The trip was beyond amazing and exceeded my expectations. It was definitely a great way to turn 25!

Friday, June 23rd - Arusha

Taylor, Stacey & I went into to work for a very productive two hours. I mentioned in a recent Instagram/Facebook post that I had made it to my second clinic and had obtained their logbook of 2016 cervical lesion screenings the day before. I worked pretty late into the night to complete my list of eligible 2016 Temeke patients (those with a positive screening and received a referral to Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI)). I spent the two hours on Friday scanning ORCI's cervical cancer screening registration book with hopes of cross referencing both logbooks. The idea is that if a women appears in ORCI's registration book then she sought follow-up and/or treatment and are not eligible for my study. We left work around 10:00AM, walked home, did our final packing, had an early lunch and make our way to the airport around 11:30AM to caught out 2:20PM flight to Arusha.

Upon arrival to Arusha we met our driver, Ziggy (he was awesome). We were driven to his manager's office to pay for our safari and finalize trip details. We were hosted by Kili Slope Tours & Safari, the safari was all inclusive for $1,050 per person which covered breakfast, lunch, dinner, and housing from 6/23 to 6/28. One the first night we stayed in Meru House Inn. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures! I'm also very proud to say I took all of these on my Nikon D5300 in manual mode.

Saturday, June 24th - Lake Manyara National Park

Overnight Accommodations: Octagon Lodge

Sunday, June 25th - Serengeti National Park

Accommodations: Serengeti Mawe Luxury Camp

Monday, June 26th - Serengeti National Park

Accommodations: Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge

Tuesday, June 27th - Ngorongoro Crater

Accommodations: Meru House Inn

Wednesday, June 28th - Return to Dar es Salaam

We had the day to explore the Cultural Heritage Centre , which was a beautiful gallery of African paintings, portraits, carved furniture and sculptures. It was also a nice place to buy souvenirs loved ones back home. We spend about 3 hours or so there then at the best lunch ever at Africafe then flew "home" to Dar arriving around 6:00PM. After I fought the taxi driver for a reasonable price (they wanted $35 when the cost should be 30,000 TSH (which is about $15), three minutes later we secured a cab for, sat in traffic for about an hour and made it home around 7:00PM.

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