Seven more sunsets

Believe it or not, my time in Tanzania is quickly coming to an end. My work is nearly done. I’m pretty recharged after spending last week with my mom. It was nice to show and explore Dar es Salaam with her. Not to mention, all of the shopping we did. I had a pretty strong spell of homesickness after she left but at that point I had ten days left and today marks the beginning of my final week. Two of my roommates, have left so it’s been a bit lonelier than usual. Keeping the morale high is the key to enjoying these last few days. Just as I was getting use to the quiet in the apartment and recovering from being homesick, I found out my great-grandmother passed away last night :'( . Not only am I far, far away from my family, it is pretty likely that I’ll miss the funeral arrangements. This seems like one of the worst things that can happen while one is abroad but I’m fueled by the fact that I’ve come this far and she wouldn’t want me to stop now.

Research-wise, I have finished data collection and transcribing the interview audio files (Thanks to Michael!). With the help of my amazing research assistants, Elizabeth and Flora, we have completed 60 interviews! All that is left is TRANSLATION (#majorkey). My hope is to have all of the translating complete by Friday or Saturday. I’d love to be able to say that I came home with my “golden goose egg” (shout out to Ellesse!). I’m excited to see the results.

My goals of the week: (1) have data in English by Friday; (2) finish my presentation for University of Nebraska and the National Cancer Institute; (3) continuing writing my manuscript; (4) give out gifts, thank you cards, take pictures, and say my goodbyes.

Cross your fingers and send good vibes!